UPDATE: JULY 10 (from Kicksology Section)



Vegas Update

Whassup people, almost a month into my time here in Vegas, and I have good news to report — you just gotta read after the jump! Continue reading

Fabolous Las Vegas?

Hello world, whassup? Back to blogging after about a week or so. The crazy thing about being in vegas is that I lose track of the days. Every day for me is the same. Wake up, make breakfast, drive to the location, put in work, come back and go to sleep. It’s crazy, when you are growing up, basketball is always just a game. Even back in the Spring, I viewed it as a game. By this I mean I was trying to do everything, being the best player I could be, going out with friends, doing normal college stuff. This summer is a completely different story. Alot of people have been asking what my workout regimen is like while I’m out here. While I’m not in the business of basketball training, I can give you a rough idea of what any day ending in Y is like. More after the jump! Continue reading