SO I just got back from the Clippers-Celtics game, and wow. Sorry Boston, if only Rondo could learn to make freethrows… My cousin hooked it up with the 6th row seats, and we had a blast! Off to sleep now though, tomorrow is a big day… hopefully the streak of good days continues into tomorrow… something good has happened to me daily. Coming soon: The loot from Christmas, and more importantly the best (and worst) of 2009!


Young Forever

You remember being young? When the hardest part of your day was waiting for nap time? Or a little later when you were wondering if that girl in 7th grade liked you or not? Man, those were the days… and this video brought back those memories for me. It’s funny actually, when I saw Jay-Z’s DOA video, I thought that was his best video, wasn’t much of a fan of Run This Town, but then this definitely takes the came. Amazing video from a revolutionary artist.

A New Beginning…

So, as most of you noticed, I have a new background, new picture, pretty much new everything. As all of you undoubtedly have noticed, I havent blogged at all in 2 months. In the past months I have been ridiculously busy jet setting and reading Drew Housman’s blog (IF YOU HAVEN’T YET, GO READ IT). Anyways, I guess what all of you want to know is “how is basketball, how is Romania… etc” Well basketball is great, and I got my release from my Romanian team last Friday, and have been home for a little over a week. I must say, being back home has been an amazing, rejuvenating feeling. Which brings me to why I took a 2 month break from blogging. As the season progressed, I found myself ONLY writing about basketball. Sure I threw in little nuggets here and there about life in Romania, but the bread and butter of my blog was about basketball, and my performance and adjustment on the court. While this was suitable for the first months I was there, it just got tedious. Our team kept losing, and though I was playing well, I just couldn’t bring myself to dissect every loss in depth. Not to mention the last couple months in Romania were hell, capped off with my computer dying over there and me having no real communication with the outside world. Moreover, I realized that I am much more than basketball. Though basketball is my love, passion (and profession), there is much more that I am interested in in this life — be it music, fashion, other blogs, whatever — but there is no point in just focusing on ONE facet of my interest while neglecting everything else. So if this causes me to lose readers, so be it, but for those of you who decide to check back in with me from time to time, first off sorry for the break and (with the Tim Tebow voice after the Ol’ Miss loss) you will never see a person blog as frequently as I will, and you will never see a blog with such high quality as mine will. Thank you.

PS – if you dont get the Tebow joke, go here