LA Life

So during the one month I was back in America, I was really blessed to be put in contact with and be around amazingly talented and hard working people. I already have talked about the LAx Paperboys/Just Be Cool Campaign, and my involvement with them, but I wanted to put the spotlight on my man Brice, who also works with JBC. Funny story, my first ever encounter with Brice was him reaching out to me to check to see if I had received an order I placed with JBC before I even thought about working with them. Brice is a real good dude, with some real photo talent. The link to his blog is here (, with many of his photos up there. Hit the jump to see some of my favorites, and get a real taste of LA! Brice, keep it up bro, your stuff is really helping me get through my time out here!
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Redemption, Perfection, Thinking

So as I’ve been hearing all week, I played terribly last week. Pretty much everyone I talked to who knew anything about the game asked me what went wrong. Plain and simple, I took myself out of the game. Mentally. This week has been crazy for me. Not only did I have more McRibs Wednesday night, but I also had 5 or 6 pretty serious conversations about my career and the direction it is going in. Not one person I have talked to this week has said anything at all about my ABILITY holding me back, just more about me mentally and what I can work on there. Some of the comments from people who watched practice and I trust were that I passed up on 4 or 5 jump shots, just to drive into traffic and try to force something.

Without getting into TOO much detail, here’s the gist of it. I am too negative and a perfectionist. As my favorite vet put it to me, “that’s everyone’s problem. if you’re a perfectionist…on one hand it’s a good thing. because it’s drives you to be better… but on the other hand it’s bad…cause you can’t play perfect basketball.” That got me to thinking, why do I not shoot in games? In practice/workouts I’m a great shooter, why doesn’t it translate?

I have to realize you can’t make every shot. You surely WANT to make every shot, but I have a tendency to drive to the basket while I would probably have a higher chance of making the shot by just shooting the dang ball. Long story short, I’m refreshed, focused, and ready for tomorrow’s game… The one negative thing about playing overseas is the down time in between games. But then again it’s a positive thing, because it gives you time to take a step back and re-evaluate. Well, time to get out of here and go to the store for supplies for this weekend’s Sunday Funday cookout, I’ll get to yall later…

– Evan

PS – American McDonalds, could you PLEASE bring back the McRib on a more consistent basis? Thank you.

Pretty Girls!

Newest video for Pretty Girls by Wale… Been listening to this song for almost a year now, very happy they FINALLY made a video for it, a little weird without Gucci Mane in it, but that’s what happens when the video comes out while one of the artists is in jail… anyways, enjoy!

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German Referees, First Sunday Funday and TACOS!

So I guess I should talk about the game first. Due to (what I consider) poor officiating, I was limited to 13 minutes in our most recent loss Saturday night. The call that set off my emotions, occurred at the end of the first quarter when I attempted to block a dunk attempt. I’ll admit I fouled him, but the ref ran right in my face and signaled an “unsportsmanlike” foul, which is the NBA equivalent of a flagrant 1. After attempting to speak with the official in question who replied first with “calm down” then with “no discussion,” I simply walked to the other side of the court and uttered some obscenities to myself (that were clearly audible to the crowd and officials). Long story short, I got T’d up which led to me not really playing for the rest of the game. Not the proudest moment of my basketball career, but it is what it is. Late that night, I had a pretty serious conversation with a friend out here, and kinda just got my head in the right spot again. It helps for sure to have people you can talk to, but t the same time who will keep it real with you… refreshing…

Good thing for me, during the middle of last week the American girls and I planned on having “Sunday Funday,” which really helped get my mind off the disaster that occured the night before. We started off the day by gong to a First Division game in nearby Braunschweig, which was great. One of the girls out here went to college with a guy who was in town playing, and it was nice to meet him and see his game. He has a very similar body and skill set to me, so hopefully in two years I can get to where he is at (he’s 25 right now). After the game came the real fun. We came back to the apartment and the girls cooked up some amazing chicken tacos, and my roommate and I ate and just hung out with them for like 2 hours. (Some pictures to follow).

Overall good weekend, but today was back to the grind. I started off this morning with an appearance at a school which was great. One of the other Americans and I ran dribbling and lay up drills with the kids, then we had a question an answer session completely in German (I’m learning bit by bit). After that, one of my friends picked me up, and we went to go work out. I was going to go into the sauna today after the workout, but due to clothing issues, I was forced to sit this one out… Now its off to a nap before practice tonight…


Taco Night Pictures!

Just In Case You HAVEN’T Seen It…

Here’s the newest remix by my man Big Sean, check it out!

Game Day! and Cornell backlash…

So, it’s game day. My German debut was last week, in an unfortunate home loss. I played well (22 and 12), just not well enough. As a team, we had a good week of practice this week, focusing a lot on our execution on offense. Individually, I’d say I had a good week of workouts, hopefully getting closer to my goal of 240.

In terms of my every day life, I’m liking Germany much better than Romania right now. I have made pretty good friends with some of the members of the girls’ team, and may even be trying my first Starbucks “macchiato” soon (MAYBE, lol). I’m looking forward to going to Berlin on March 7th on a little post game get away, hopefully we win the night before so I won’t be as depressed on the trip. I keep getting emails about me not taking many pictures while I’m out here, so hopefully I can get some sightseeing done in Berlin when I go.

I’ve been listening to a TON of music while I’m out here, but most of the time I’m listening to Curren$y’s new tape (Smokee Robinson) or my man Dude Royal (Don’t Go remix with the JBC homie Rob Roy). Of course if you need any download links, let me know!

Lastly, a quick shout out to the Harvard basketball team. They have been playing really well this season, and despite a loss last night to Cornell, are still in people’s minds and thoughts. I say all this, because of a comment I received on a post last night. I had jokingly commented on my man Drew Housman’s blog (READ IT!), about how Cornell fans hadn’t shown me any hate on my blog, like they had done on his. Well, I guess I got what I asked for. This morning, “TJ” commented:

“since you were complaining to Drew about how nobody comments on your blog, I’ll put this on yours too: Despite the home court refs that called a 34-14 FT disparity, Keith Wright lying about his injury to try and get an upper hand, and the Harvard “fans” changing t-shirt colors at half-time, you still lost…what’s that sound? That’s the sound of another Harvard basketball season crashing and burning into the Charles River”

Well, “TJ”, I guess thank you for your comment? Cornell is a good team, and “I” lost? I appreciate your graciousness in commenting on my blog, and hope you come back to shed more light on how things are going in Ithaca. Contrary to popular belief (admittedly supported by some of my past actions), I have no “hate” towards Cornell. I went to high school with one of your starting guards, and consider him a friend to this day. While I obviously was not there, as I am in Germany getting paid to play basketball, I have no idea what the referees did or didn’t call, but if I were you I would be happy that they at least speak the same language as the players/coaches… Why you decided to put fans in quotations, I don’t know, care to explain?

And that leaves me with my man Keith. You can say what you want about me, Housman, our fans, our university, our coach, whatever you want. Just don’t pick on players for wanting to play in a big game. Did Keith lie to YOU? Did he call you simply to say “Hey, ‘TJ’, just a heads up, I’m not playing this weekend?” I didn’t think so. Maybe you never played sports, maybe you never did anything semi competitive, but knocking a player for not wanting to miss a big game while being injured is never something to joke about. This isn’t about me, I’m gown, it’s about decency. Or keep thinking you are REAL big for talking about a college athlete who wants to compete… Keith has been one of my good friends since I hosted him on his visit to Harvard, so if you have anything negative to say about him, say it either to his face (which for some reason I don’t think you would) or don’t say it at all….

To everyone else not named “TJ”, it’s time for that pre game meal, nothing like some pork and pasta the day of a game! I’ll try to be more active on the blogging front as I get more comfortable here…



So I have been here for 5 days already… Seems like it has flown by, but i have been enjoying myself. The team practices once a day from 8-10:30, which gives me the whole day to myself. I have been using this time to get extra workouts in. The facilities here are amazing. There is a health club, Cato, that we can go to pretty much whenever to get a great workout in. Also, my roommate has a key to the gym, so I usually go in and shoot from 1-2 everyday. This still leaves copious amounts of time in between working out, eating, and naps… I pretty much have been filling it with Season 7 of 24. If you don’t know the story behind it, I pretty much watched one episode of 24 one day after my knee surgery, and got hooked. The problem is, I can’t ever just watch one. So instead I wait until the whole season is over, then just watch the entire season in 2-3 days. Much better strategy.

Anyways, the city and people here are great. It turns out I already knew the girls’ coach, so I have been spending a lot of time with her and her team. We are trying to plan a couple day trips on our off days, so that will definitely be a time when the camera is brought along. To pass the time I also have been listening to a ridiculous amount of music… For starters, I’d suggest everyone go and listen to “Show and Tell”, the newest mixtape from DJ Drew Byrd, who if you didn’t know is Dom Kennedy’s producer/DJ. If you can’t find the download link anywhere, let me know and I’ll send it to you… Speaking of Dom, for anyone in and around the Miami area, go check out The Cool Bowl, put on by my coworkers over at Just Be Cool.

That’s enough for now, it’s 1:06 AM and I have to go lift at 11 tomorrow. By the way, I need more Skype friends! Let me know if you have Skype and we can chat!