New Beginning… New Season… We Outchea!

Wow… where to begin. Let’s start off with where I am. Currently I’m in Ilhavo, Portugal, getting ready for this coming season. After a bit of confusion and a lot of thought, I thought that Portugal would be a great opportunity for me, and I hope to make the most of it! So in essence, the world tour continues…

What a long summer I had… I believe (last time I blogged) it was about my quick 3 day vacation to Las Vegas. Well, not only did I go back to Vegas, but I stayed for 4 weeks! It was with Impact, and there was much more hard work than there was relaxing, but I think I have found my tolerance for Vegas. While I’m talking about training, I have to share with you guys my new discovery… Kettle Bells. Thanks to my man Walt, I got up on my kettle bell lifting game this summer, and not only put on muscle, but feel gains in my quickness and explosiveness as well. So shout out to Kirsten and the whole Venice ATC staff for all the help this summer!

So this day has been ridiculous long. I started off getting up at 5:45 AM to get ready for my flight, and head to the airport. My mom surprised me with one last home cooked breakfast, which was great! Then before I knew what happened, it was off to LAX and the first leg of my journey – a 5 hour flight to Philadelphia. While I have tons of experience flying across the country; I can honestly say this was the worst flight I have ever been on. Not only was I stuck in the back row with a seat that didn’t recline, I was in the middle on top of it all!

Oh well… so after that flight I get to the Philly airport and have a nice little 3 hour layover. After getting my pre flight meal in, I decide to sit by the gate and charge all my electronic stuff (no surprise to anyone who knows me that I recently got an iPad). While sitting there, I was introduced to my new two new American teammates. Both seem like great guys, so that’s always a good thing.

Post trans-Atlantic flight, it was time to go through immigration. Usually this isn’t a problem, but for some reason the line in Libson took an hour and a half just to get through. The line wasn’t without its comedic moments though, as some girl ahead of us saw my Harvard shirt and proceeded to inform me that she was a proud UVM grad, and huge Mike Trimboli fan. For those of you who don’t know, Drew Housman throughout his illustrious career had two or three arch nemeses… guys he just didn’t like and battled with. If Mike Trimboli wasn’t 1 on the list, he was absolutely 1a behind Eric Flato…

Anyways, I found that exchange pretty funny, but then it was on the 3 hour van ride to Ilhavo. While I wish I could remember anything from this ride, I was in the back seat sleeping the whole time. Fast forward, we meet the coach, have lunch with some officials from the team, and check into a hotel while they finish preparing our apartment. I can honestly say this is an amazing hotel; one I wouldn’t mind staying in for quite awhile (9 months for example?).

Off to bed… I’m working on 3 hours of sleep in the past 30 hours… gotta catch up! More tomorrow… but for now I’ll leave you with the view from our hotel overlooking the city…

As Wale would say… we outchea!


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