Catch Up…

I’m back! It’s been a long 3 days since my last blog, and honestly I have kept away from blogging until now, just because the past 3 days have seemed the exact same. So here is the quick rundown of Wednesday-Saturday for you… Wake up at 9:30, breakfast, internet time, go to practice 12-2:30, lunch, nap, internet, practice 8-10:30, dinner, internet, sleep.

I wish I could have seen some sights, or done anything interesting, but we are in training camp right now, so it’s not really about the fun; more about the work.

Today was a bit of a change though. We started off with the “team presentation”, which essentially was a press conference conducted completely in Portuguese. It was cool though, we also had the team picture and stuff. The best part of the day though was our 5 quarter scrimmage in practice against half of our team. While my body was completely exhausted, I treated it like a game and tried to do the best I could.

So results of the game; my team won by almost 30, and by my teammates count I had 32 and 21 rebounds. While I can’t validate these stats at all, I’d say I was pretty close… Well, off to bed now… Gotta get a lot of rest (and tomorrow is an off day). Sorry I couldn’t give you guys more about this… but I literally have been in the gym, restaurant or bed every second of the day. haha