My PRP experience

I haven’t told a lot of people, but for the past 5 weeks I have been receiving PRP injections in my knee to help reduce swelling and heal some articular cartilage damage. If you aren’t familiar with PRP, it is the same treatment Kobe had here in Germany, as well as Alex Rodriguez and many other professional athletes over the past couple of summers. After hearing about the treatment, the team physician recommended that I receive injections over the course of 5 weeks, which would enable me to return to the court at full strength within 6 weeks. I am in the 5th week of injections, and will be playing again in a week and a half for our next home game — so the treatment has been going VERY well.

A little background information about PRP and its usage in sports can be found at as well as

I was approached by a PRP information website to be interviewed about my experience with the treatment, and here is my interview with (taken from

The following is a PRP Patient Experience with a professional basketball player in Germany…

What was your injury that was treated with pro?

I had a small chondral defect on the inside of my knee. I previously had had a chondroplasty before the beginning of this season as well as a partial meniscotomy, and the swelling from the chondroplasty hadn’t subsided or healed by this point in my season.

Did you try any other therapy before you opted for prp treatment?

Manual therapy and ice were used constantly to try to move the swelling out of my knee as well as draining the fluid out of my knee.

Why did your physician decide to utilize prp for this injury?

PRP was the best way to speed up the healing process, as well as giving me a chance to continue playing this season.

What medical facility did your physician perform this treatment? Hospital? Physician clinic?

It was done here in Germany at a Physician clinic.

Did your physician have you follow a specific protocol the night before your prp treatment?

No, the night before I didn’t do anything outside of my regular routine of getting a massage around the area of swelling and ice.

Do you remember how much blood was drawn from you? After they drew the blood, how long did you have to wait before the platelet rich plasma was ready for use on your injury?

I do not remember how much blood was drawn, but it was about 15 minutes before the platelet rich plasma was ready to be injected.

What did the physician do to prepare the injury site for injection?

The physician used numbing spray to numb the area.

Did the physician use ultrasound as a guide to place the platelet rich plasma?

Because it was a cartilage defect; he just injected the platelet rich plasma directly into my knee.

How did the injection feel? Explain. And do you remember how long the prp treatment took? If you had pain, how long did the pain last? Any swelling?

The injection felt just like getting a cortisone shot in my knee. There was no real discomfort besides the feeling of having a needle in my knee. The entire injection process took about 2 minutes. There was no swelling after the injection; just a bit of a pinch at the injection site.

How long did the entire visit take?

The entire visit from start to finish took around 35 minutes, including a bit of a discussion by the physician detailing what he was doing as he did it.

After treatment, did your physician wrap the treatment site? If not, what did he do post treatment?

After treatment the physician wrapped a small bandage over the injection site, and told me to continue icing the area

What was your physicians post prp treatment protocol for you? Restrictions? Rest? Exercise? Stretching? Pain medication? Any specific directions you had to follow?

Post PRP protocol for me involves more rest (as I’m still getting the injections) and ice. There were no specific directions I had to follow, but I am just trying to stay off my knee as much as possible and keep ice on it.

How much was the prp treatment?

The PRP treatment was offered to me at a very reduced cost through the team; I am not sure how much it would have costed if it was not the team physician who prescribed it and is performing it.

Did the treatment work for you? If so, when did you start feeling better? How soon could you bet back to playing your sport?

So far it is a bit early to determine if it has worked completely, because I still am scheduled to receive 5 more injections over the next 5 weeks. But my first impression is very positive and I look forward to seeing my progress over the next weeks.

Other comments or thoughts about your prp experience?

My experience isn’t the normal experience… I am a professional basketball player in Europe, so the cost is much less as it would be for others, and the demands on my knee are a bit higher. But if by the end of my PRP treatment I am able to play at a consistently high level without swelling then I will be more than pleased with it.


Wear Wednesdays: Hella Tight

Ok, so following in the footsteps of another GREAT blogger, my man Craig Brackins, I have decided to dedicate a post every Wednesday to a certain company or clothing brand that may be flying under the radar but makes great product. I have a thing for hats, shoes and clothes — so it shouldn’t be too hard to keep this pretty original… Ps, Check out Craig’s blog at!

Today’s company is Hella Tight. Strictly a hat company, I like the direction that they are taking the company in, and for sure have a couple of their Land of the Kings snapbacks…


So, unless you have been living under a rock or just do not care at all about basketball; it is impossible to ignore the meteoric rise of the man, the myth, the legend who goes by the name of Jeremy Lin. I had the opportunity to play with Jeremy for 3 years at Harvard and honestly I can say I had NO idea that this was coming. Jeremy was good, very good. But having the headline on almost every day for a week? NO IDEA. With that said; I can’t be happier for him. Every morning when I wake up the first thing I do is go right to my blackberry and check for the Knicks box score… I hope this can continue and Jeremy can keep leading the knicks to wins… Nothing would be better than a Lakers-Knicks rematch in the finals with Kobe making a 3 over the outstretched arm of J Lin to win game 7….. You never know.

Back to seriousness, Jeremy has stuck with his dream since college, and has stood steadfast in his faith. Jeremy serves as an inspiration to me to this day, and hopefully I can reach some of the achievements he has (though through a much more roundabout way). If you follow me on twitter (WHICH I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU DO, @EvanHarris22) you undoubtedly would notice my extreme usage of #nodaysoff, #ambition and #BBNS. Jeremy embodies these ideals more than anyone I know. And I’m honestly honored to say I played with him. Keep it up J, and I’ll keep checking my blackberry first thing in the morning to see how you did the night before!

Just for fun, I’ve decided to upload an old picture from college of me and Jeremy playing. If I remember right; we lost the game against Yale but got a huge win the next night against Brown with me getting a block at the last second and Jeremy getting the rebound and being fouled with no time on the clock. I will try to find a video somewhere online and post it later… Thanks for reading!




Wow, havent blogged or even opened this page in over a year… But because of the AMAZING bloggings of Sabrina Scott (more about that later), I have decided to get back into the game… This past year and a half have brought a lot of change in my life, most importantly on the basketball court. I went from playing in Portugal with Illiabum to playing in Cuxhaven with the Bascats. Germany is amazing. I love it here and it feels very much like home. I have had the opportunity to see 3 different countries in the world now because of basketball; and each has brought its positives and negatives. But in terms of being most similar to America — Germany is the best hands down. I have been able to find many shoes to get (in my size) which is a rarity in any country. Because of one of my teammates; I have been (re)introduced to, which serves as one of my most frequently visited webpages and stores. So bear with me these next couple few days — as I get back into blogging mode, and update a lot about the blog! So get the word out, tell a friend… I’m back to blogging (and hope to stay for a while)!