Wow, havent blogged or even opened this page in over a year… But because of the AMAZING bloggings of Sabrina Scott (more about that later), I have decided to get back into the game… This past year and a half have brought a lot of change in my life, most importantly on the basketball court. I went from playing in Portugal with Illiabum to playing in Cuxhaven with the Bascats. Germany is amazing. I love it here and it feels very much like home. I have had the opportunity to see 3 different countries in the world now because of basketball; and each has brought its positives and negatives. But in terms of being most similar to America — Germany is the best hands down. I have been able to find many shoes to get (in my size) which is a rarity in any country. Because of one of my teammates; I have been (re)introduced to kickz.de, which serves as one of my most frequently visited webpages and stores. So bear with me these next couple few days — as I get back into blogging mode, and update a lot about the blog! So get the word out, tell a friend… I’m back to blogging (and hope to stay for a while)! 





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  1. Glad I be your inspiration, Evan. 😉 😉

    I agree with you about Germany. It’s by far the most-Americanized country in Europe. I think Israel might top it though (from what I’ve heard), and Sweden runs a close third.

    Looking forward to more! SS

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