So, unless you have been living under a rock or just do not care at all about basketball; it is impossible to ignore the meteoric rise of the man, the myth, the legend who goes by the name of Jeremy Lin. I had the opportunity to play with Jeremy for 3 years at Harvard and honestly I can say I had NO idea that this was coming. Jeremy was good, very good. But having the headline on espy.com almost every day for a week? NO IDEA. With that said; I can’t be happier for him. Every morning when I wake up the first thing I do is go right to my blackberry and check espy.com for the Knicks box score… I hope this can continue and Jeremy can keep leading the knicks to wins… Nothing would be better than a Lakers-Knicks rematch in the finals with Kobe making a 3 over the outstretched arm of J Lin to win game 7….. You never know.

Back to seriousness, Jeremy has stuck with his dream since college, and has stood steadfast in his faith. Jeremy serves as an inspiration to me to this day, and hopefully I can reach some of the achievements he has (though through a much more roundabout way). If you follow me on twitter (WHICH I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU DO, @EvanHarris22) you undoubtedly would notice my extreme usage of #nodaysoff, #ambition and #BBNS. Jeremy embodies these ideals more than anyone I know. And I’m honestly honored to say I played with him. Keep it up J, and I’ll keep checking my blackberry first thing in the morning to see how you did the night before!

Just for fun, I’ve decided to upload an old picture from college of me and Jeremy playing. If I remember right; we lost the game against Yale but got a huge win the next night against Brown with me getting a block at the last second and Jeremy getting the rebound and being fouled with no time on the clock. I will try to find a video somewhere online and post it later… Thanks for reading!




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