Hall of Fame x My Memories

Growing up in LA, being black in the 90s, everyone remembers NWA. Just as iconic as the curl and dickies, was the black Raiders’ fitted cap. Pretty much everytime you saw Ice Cube, or Eazy E or anyone from the early-mid 90s, they had an all black Raiders’ fitted. A streetwear company out of LA, Hall of Fame, recently put their own spin on the LA classic, and currently has it up for sale. They still have a full size run, but I would get on these before the NFL lawyers do, and the hat is taken off the site… Just for fun, I included a picture of Gangster rapper turned children’s star Ice Cube, to remember the good ol’ days… Picture of the hat and purchase info after the jump!

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Recently I’ve been on a huge watch hunt. I just can’t decide which watch I want to get. I like them all, but really can’t decide. At home a white and black watch, as well as two all black ones, so those colors seem out of the question. Leaving me pretty much with a colored watch. The fad these days seems to be the diamond G-shocks, which is a real possibility, but I feel like if I am going to spend serious money, I better LOVE the watch. Unfortunately, the ones I have been looking at are all great, but I don’t NEED to have them by any means. Here’s a quick picture of the watch I think I’d like the most, but honestly not sure if I want it for REAL. I originally saw the watch on my man Ben Baller’s blog, and was thinking about it, maybe when I get back to LA I’ll stop by the shop… Check out his blog!
(Watch pictured here, obviously it’s the men’s version, lol)

I was really thinking about it, shared it with my mom for her advice and got a swift “way too gaudy.” Which I guess is true, so I’m really not sure. Option 2 for watches: Much more elegant, cheaper, but still not IN LOVE with it… Getting there though. I gotta go back to the store and try it on before buying, but it’s looking good…

A Bit of Change

For the past 4 or 5 weeks, I’ve been pretty consistent in blogging about my adventures out here and about basketball. But for those who really know me, know there is a big part of me that is missing. I like to shop, a lot. And I like to think of myself as often finding clothes/shoes/hats/watches that are a little off the beaten path, but worth looking at (for me). So for these people, periodically, I am going to start posting little nuggets I find during my hours of browsing on the internet. Hopefully for those of you who don’t know me personally, it’ll be a chance for you to kind of see something else that is important to me, and kind of get to know my personality/style. If you hate it… sorry…