This page is completely dedicated to a passion of mine; my shoes. On this page I will keep you posted on which new ones I get, which ones I’m playing in, pretty much everything related to shoes!
Wow, almost a year to talk about all the shoes I’ve gotten. Since I’ve gotten to Germany, it’s been slim pickings at best with the sneakers, but I have found some gems. Recently I obviously had to get the Space Jams on a very lucky trip to Berlin, and some random dunks again. Also got a pair of the White/green Jordan IV’s again on a lucky expedition. But the cream of the crop has to be the copper Foamposites. The Dunks, Space Jams and IV’s are all with me here in Germany, but I had the Foamposites sent directly to America for me. Because of that, I have only seen them on Skype, but they do look pretty good on skype! lol. In terms of what I’m PLAYING in right now, still got the Rudy Gay PE’s for practice, and some Red Hyperdunks from the NFW pack. For some reason I still love playing in Hyperdunks, there was an interesting article about the Detroit Pistons actually outlawing Hyperdunks for their players, but I have yet to injure myself in them (knock on wood).

UPDATE JULY 10 – I know it’s been a while, so I will try my best to remember every pair that I have gotten and picture them for you. The shoe game has become an addiction; at last count I was up to 81… It is what it is though. It’s my second love (basketball of course is first…)
A while ago (spring break) I picked up both the USC edition Zoom Kobe IV’s and the Superman Lebron VI’s… I had a quick video blog about the Kobe’s, but here are pictures of both them and the Lebrons:

Zoom Kobe 4 (USC PE)

Zoom Kobe 4 (USC PE)

Zoom Lebron VI (Superman PE)

Zoom Lebron VI (Superman PE)

A little bit after that, I went on my Yeezy binge… I stood outside of Concepts in Cambridge (37 Brattle if any of you are in Havrard Square) and waited in line for 3 days for one of 17 pairs of Nike Air Yeezy’s that they had in the store. Unfortunately, they didn’t have my size, but I bought the biggest they had and then turned that into my size through trades/sales. Here is what all that work amounts to… I have only worn them a couple of times, but they are in the closet for special occasions…

Air Yeezy

Air Yezy

After that Yeezy purchase, I got a couple of new pairs of SB Dunks… I started off with the Newcastle Edition, and then finished up with some white and cream summer type Dunks (both pictured below). For the Newcastle’s, I included the Newcastle logo just so you all could see the inspiration behind the shoe.

Newcastle Dunk

Newcastle Dunk

Cream Dunks

Cream Dunks

I think that’s it for the casual shoes, I did pick up a pretty sweet pair of Nike’s newest hoop shoe for next season — the Hypermax… The are like the Hyperdunk in construction, but have an extra strap on top for added support. Granted I won’t play in the ones I have (the Charles Barkley editions), but I might just have to show these Europeans next year how to have a proper foot game on and off the court… By the way, rumor has it that Nike is planning to come out with a McFly version of the Hypermax, much like the McFly Hyperdunks that came out last year, but that is something else that I will repost when I hear a definitive release date.

Charles Barkley Hypermax

Charles Barkley Hypermax

That’s it for this update, but I will for sure try to stay on top of this more often…

Here is what I picked up with Van Nest, along with some Retro 1’s I recently acquired…

I JUST unboxed my first countdown package. I just got the 13/10 package. My first complete package, and can I say they look amazing! I had both of the shoes originally when they came out, so the package naturally brought back memories… Off to dinner, pictures coming soon!


Due to some unforseen reason, Harvard basketball just gave me another pair of LeBron’s, not just any LeBron, but the Zoom Soldier II… In a White and Crimson colorway that I have never seen before… Needless to say, they look amazing.

White and Crimson Lebron's

White and Crimson Lebron's


Well, I have gone on a little bit of a binge as of late, and have gotten 2 new pairs in the past week or so. The first I got were a mundane pair of air forces, but I liked the color, the second are the new Zoom Kobe IV’s. (If you haven’t seen the commercial, I put it on the bottom of the page). The Kobe’s are amazing, just like a hyperdunk, but with a much sleeker look. The version I got are the carpe diems, which is definitely inspirational for me as I work everyday towards my goal of playing professionally. Definitely a fan.


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  1. Hey Evan it’s Peter (Harvard kid looking to cop the Yeezy’s). Love the Blog- definitely thinking of starting one of my own now, except there’s only one 1 topic: kicksology.

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